Secure Message

This is an internet message that can only be read by the Sender and the Recipient.

The identity of the Sender and the Recipient is verified before they can send or read a Secure Message.

The actual message contents and/or attachment never leave the secure encrypted environment of the WebPicID Server.

The Member can send a Secure Message to anyone with an email address.

The recipient must log on to WebPicID and verify their identity to read the Secure Message.

Members will see the Secure Message in their In Box.

It is the Sender's responsibility to notify the recipient that they have a secure Message at

The Sender can text, call, use social media, or even an email to advise the Recipient:

"You have a Secure Message at"

This is ideal for individuals and organizations that want to communicate confidentially.

Only one Recipient per Secure message. Only one Attachment per Secure Message.

This is one of the services WebPicID offers individuals and organizations to make the internet more secure.