Verified            Opinion Polls, Surveys, Social Media Posts


An Organization or Individual signs up as a Merchant.

Organizations must identify them self and their client.

Individuals must identify them self and any organization or individual who is paying them.

They can publish an opinion poll question or set of survey questions.

Leading questions soliciting a specific answer or unacceptable content will be determined by WebPicID.

We will not stop you from publishing poll or survey but we will charge you for each answer.

We will not release the results until payment in full is made.

At that time we will withhold answers to unacceptable content.

The up side of these opinion polls and surveys is that the identity of the party replying is verified.

They can only reply once.

The answers that you get will be more valid than normal.

You can get answers broken down by a ZIP or Postal Code. (Subject to Member approval.)

You can get daily or even hourly reports.

You can change the poll or survey daily.

How does it work?

A Merchant or individual sets up an opinion poll survey, or social media release on WebPicID Verified Opinion.
The Opinion Poll, Survey, or Social Media post is on the WebPicID site , 
Members can log on and complete a poll , survey, or respond to a Social Media post.
The responses are anonymous and posted daily to a Merchant.
Instant responses require a significant non refundable deposit in case we do not like the content.
The up side is Members must log on and verify their identity to make a reply.
They are not identified but it make it a much more accurate poll, survey, or reaction to a post.