Verified Caller ID


Every day we are inundated with calls from organizations or individuals. 

Some are legitimate and some are fraud.

Easy solution - ask them to verify their caller ID through WebPicID.

The Merchant logs on to WebPicID

Selects VCID

Enters the Member's first and last name and Email address

WebPicID delivers the VCID via Secure Message.

The Member reads the Secure Message.

From Organization
To    Member  
Subject VCID

Challange word "Xena"

Counter Challange word "Lilly"

Merchant  Name
Contact number
First Name of Merchant Employee 
Internal identification # or  extension Challenge word

The Merchant employee calls back and gives the Member the challenge word.

The Merchant employee asks for the counter challenge word to verify the persons identity.

TIP to the Caller - Send the VCID first and save a call.