Safe Purchase

This is a non-bank card payment option over the internet.

Members go to any website and find what they want to purchase.

They as WebPicID to make the payment.


Bank of America, TdBank, Wells Fargo


Bank of Montreal, Td Canada Trust, EMT

How does it work?

Log on to an online merchant.

Place items into the shopping cart

Log off the merchant site.

Log on to WebPicID

Report the Safe Purchase.

     Ask WebPicID to make the payment.

            WebPicID verifies that the funds are available.

            WebPicID checks to see if the Member has enough funds to pay for the purchase.

     IF NO Then 

           WebPicID sends a Secure Message to the Member advising

          "Unable to complete the purchase. Please make a payment and resubmit the purchase information."

     IF YES Then

          WebPicID checks to see if the Member is over 18 years old.

     IF NO Then

           WebPicID changes the shipping recipient to the Parent.


WebPicID logs on to the Merchant website using the Members account and Password.

Goes to the cart

Enters the payment information

Pays for the item(s).

The Merchant ships the goods to the Member.

The order confirmation, delivery date, and tracking information is sent to the Member by the Merchant.

Secure Messages are sent to the Member and the Dependent, if necessary, once the sale has been made.